Payroll Information

payroll Employees are paid by BACS on a Friday and should receive their payslips on the same day via email.
The payroll week runs from Monday to Sunday and staff get paid a week in arrears.
Timesheets need to be received in payroll by 12 o'clock on a Tuesday to guarantee payment on the Friday.

Payroll is processed at 11 o'clock on a Wednesday. Pay queries cannot be resolved during this time as the system is closed until approximately 3 o'clock.
It is not our responsibility to phone the staff if their timesheets have not arrived by the deadline. Staff need to ring us to make sure the timesheets have arrived. If faxing timesheets it is preferable to use the Birmingham number as the timesheets then come direct to the payroll department. The fax number is 0121 643 8184.
Holiday requests need to be made to your branch at least a week in advance of the date you want holiday paid.

Change of bank details must be in writing and be signed. If possible your payroll number should be quoted.

Any other changes should also preferably be in writing and sent direct to the branch. For example change of address or phone number.

Any requests for sick pay must be accompanied by a signed doctors note or self cert form. If the period of sickness exceeds one week a self cert will not be sufficient and a signed doctors note will be needed to pay any sickness.

The company's tax office is the Birmingham Solihull office and our reference number is 068/YZ23108. The phone number for any queries to this tax office is either 0121 5356960 or 0845 3021437 which is the Inland Revenue Employees Helpline.

Requests for maternity payment must be made in writing well in advance of the due date and must be accompanied by the original copy of the MATB1 form. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Student tax codes apply to those students who work during holiday time only. If a student works during term time they are not eligible for a student tax code.