I would like to highly commend my consultant at Firstpoint. He has over the past few years been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a staff member that does not just book one for shifts but also generally considers the welfare of his staff and nurses. He is very considerate when booking and listens to his nurses' complaints and worries. I have worked with many recruitment consultants since becoming a full-time agency nurse 3 years ago, but Ashley has definitely stood out from the rest. I would just like to say a well done for your hard work Ashley and look forward to many years ahead of work with you.
A merry Christmas to you all
I only began working for the agency full-time in July, I found it a little scary at first but everyone has been so helpful and positive. Firstpoint have always managed to find me all the work I need or want, have paid me promptly and have always been courteous and helpful when I have contacted them. Thank you all for a very positive experience.
Thea has made my journey into the agency life a breeze, being on the end of the phone with help and advice has been a great comfort.
"Neal Lishman" 
All of you have been very helpful really. I'm impressed to how u guys differ from the attitude of the other agency I applied for. In fact, I did apply with the other agency 4 months ago and still waiting to be cleared for all the requirements and just amazing how fast I got cleared and ready to work with You for this I praise Kriz for doing a good job. Very friendly and organized. 
Hello yes that's true, you are all very nice, very patient in negotiating and communicating to all nurses like us, that's why even though we are so very busy and sometimes we forgot to comply with our requirements because of the constant and very patient in doing the follow ups, we end up doing our best to compliment you people in this agency, again thank you for all the patience you have extended to us applicants, from you Krystle and to Kriz Cruz who called me recently too to submit all my outstanding requirements, I hope I can start working and join the rest of the nurses who are all my workmates from Bradford, to all recruiting consultants, I salute to your hard work, patience and unending follow-ups and bookings, all my workmates who already joined and worked in this agency have one word to praise you all guys, very professional and friendly in dealing with us. Again a million thanks hopefully I can start already as all my requirements have been submitted already recently to Kriz Cruz.
"Annabelle Benitez"