Healthcare Science Week March 13-19

Healthcare Science Week Decorative Swirl

Healthcare Science Week runs from March 13-19 celebrating and raising awareness for the many careers in healthcare science.

In support of the amazing work that the NHS do, we wanted to play our part in raising awareness of the diverse roles in healthcare science. Biomedical scientists, support staff, and students are vital to the NHS and by ensuring the magnificent work from these professionals can continue into the future, supports the NHS and the other healthcare professionals that are key to the running of the NHS.

Over the last 75 years NHS healthcare science has played a vital role in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease and the health of our population. Many in the industry use Healthcare Science Week as an opportunity to showcase this work and inspire the scientific workforce of the future.

How can I get involved?
Healthcare Science Week is open to anyone with an interest in healthcare science. By visiting the NHS website you will find ways to get involved and spread awareness.

To find out more about the NHS roles we have available, please visit our jobs board.