Dear all,

We continue to be amazed and inspired by the dedication and fortitude shown by our nursing, care and support staff; both those at the front line in hospitals and those continuing to support people with special needs, the elderly, chronically ill and infirm.

We recognised that these challenges are ever-changing and we want you to know from all the team here, first and foremost, that we are hugely grateful for all that you do. We are hearing from many of you that you are juggling complex family and work responsibilities alongside your own wellbeing. The health community has once again shown it's exceptional dedication and we want you to know that the team here have got your back.

Recent weeks have tested our ability as a nation to respond to this health emergency and look after the most vulnerable people in our society. There have been times where we have all felt upset, exhausted or worried; many of us have felt our physical and mental health being tested to the limit. We also know that you are the ultimate calm and pragmatic professionals in a crisis and that your skills and compassion will be vital in turning the tide on Covid19. We will be doing everything we possibly can to support you. Our Assistance Programme is available for everyone registered with Firstpoint and Servoca and you should have received an email about the support services they provide from our HR team. If not, please let us know.

All of our branches continue to operate as normal, we have moved our training online and we are redoubling our efforts to increase our nursing and care workforce. We anticipate that we will need to continue adapting how we operate over the coming weeks and month. We continue to review all of our operational processes to ensure that we provide the best service we can to you. If you have spotted ways we could change what we do to make things better for you in these exceptional times, do let us know.

Thank you for your continued efforts, perseverance and resilience. You have all been extraordinary.

Kind Regards

James Turner, Managing Director

Nursing recruitment - competitive rates of pay & flexible shifts
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Want additional shifts on top of a full-time job?

We will work with you to provide flexibility and choice. We work with the NHS across the country, as an on-framework agency, this means that the NHS comes to us first with agreed rates, terms and standards. This in turn means we can give you every opportunity!

Excellent rates of pay for days, nights and weekends

Whether you work across critical, general, community or mental health settings we will do our utmost to provide you with excellent pay rates, together with a speedy, reliable payroll system that ensures your timesheet is paid in no time at all.

Free annual training with flexible training options

Our experienced training team provide courses around the UK, all of which are funded by Firstpoint and free for you to do. We offer flexibility and choice around how and when you do the training. We run training courses once per month in each of our branches as an absolute minimum, but we also offer some on-line elements and a wide range of locations outside our branch network.

Nurse of the Month recognition scheme

Nurses deserve more recognition! Join us and see if you can be our star of the month!

Nationwide opportunities

Firstpoint operate through all of the main NHS supply agreements, this means we have access to Trusts up and down the country and as an on-framework agency we will get the shifts first and more often

"The only thing I can say is I wish I would have joined years ago! I always get shifts when I want them and I get paid on time, every time. And I've enjoyed going to different trusts and meeting new people"

- Debbie R, Manchester


I have worked with few agencies and never met anyone showing interest in the nurses. It is very nice to know you care about us and our feelings and would like to see us in person. We may be difficult to manage but I think it is always good to ask and negotiate. Because if people know what you need they might help if you keep quiet no one knows. That is probably one of the reasons I am still working with Firstpoint Healthcare. Every time I 've had issues they listened and help find solutions. So please pass my sincere thanks to the rest of the team.

MN · Birmingham

I only began working for the agency full-time in July, I found it a little scary at first but everyone has been so helpful and positive. Firstpoint have always managed to find me all the work I need or want, have paid me promptly and have always been courteous and helpful when I have contacted them. Thank you all for a very positive experience.


I have been a patient on ward A6 at Warrington hospital overnight cared for by one of your agency nurses. I think her name was Saul. The care she gave to me and all the other patients in the bay was excellent. She introduced herself, checked my observations, supported me emotionally and let me have a say in my care. She gave me my medications including IVIs and used sterile gloves. I am an experienced nurse myself and I have seen nurses take short cuts but she never took one. As agency nurses often get bad press I wanted to feed back how happy I was with my care. Thank you

AJ · Warrington Hospital Patient

Thea has made my journey into the agency life a breeze, being at the end of the phone with help and advice has been a great comfort.

Neal Lishman

All of you have been very helpful really. I am impressed to how you guys differ from the attitude of the other agency I applied for. In fact, I did apply with the other agency 4 months ago and still waiting to be cleared for all the requirements and just amazing how fast I got cleared and ready to work with you. For this I praise Kriz for doing a good job. Very friendly and organized

Anabelle · Manchester

... you are all very nice, very patient in negotiating and communicating to all nurses like us, that's why even though we are so very busy and sometimes we forgot to comply with our requirements because of the constant and very patient in doing the follow ups, we end up doing our best to compliment you people in this agency. Again thank you for all the patience you have extended to us applicants, from you Krystle and to Kriz Cruz who called me recently too to submit all my outstanding requirements. I hope I can start working and join the rest of the nurses who are all my workmates from Bradford. To all recruiting consultants, I salute your hard work, patience and unending follow-ups and bookings. All my workmates who already joined and worked in this agency have one word to praise you all guys, very professional and friendly in dealing with us. Again a million thanks hopefully I can start already as all my requirements have been submitted already recently to Kriz Cruz.

Annabelle Benitez

I joined First Point about two years ago, since then I have enjoyed working for them because the team members answer calls promptly, they are respectful and professional. The Consultants are very hard working getting shifts well in advance and the most amazing aspect of it all they seem to know my preferences, and try as much as possible to grant my requests. One more thing, the Consultants make sure I get paid promptly, by constantly sending reminders as to sending Time Sheets on time, I will recommend First Point Health Care any day.

Ichabod B · Manchester

I would like to highly commend my consultant at Firstpoint. He has over the past few years been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a staff member that does not just book one for shifts but also generally considers the welfare of his staff and nurses. He is very considerate when booking and listens to his nurses; complaints and worries. I have worked with many recruitment consultants since becoming a full-time agency nurse 3 years ago, but Ashley has definitely stood out from the rest. I would just like to say a well done for your hard work Ashley and look forward to many years ahead of work with you. A merry Christmas to you all


I wasn't expecting to get so many shifts once joining (every weekend, since Feb 2018. Having worked so hard just because of you and your agency, I am taking both of my mother, father and big bro to Turkey in a months time :) I'm resigning from the agency I was already with and sticking with just yours. I'm going ahead for applying BSc adult nursing at uni, next month - to study in Sep 2019 ;)

Ambereen H · Sheffield

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