Nursing & Midwifery Council Guide to How to Revalidate

This is the guide for nurses on the NMC website; you may find more information at

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Confirmation Form

This form needs to be printed out and sent to the NMC in hard copy when you have completed all your revalidation work.

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Continuing Professional Development Log

This is the form you can use to log your continuing professional development (CPD). You will need 35 hours in total, with 20 of these hours being participatory. Participatory learning includes any learning activity which involves interacting with other people, which could include:

  • Study day
  • Learning events, such as a conference or workshop
  • Peer review
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Participation in clinical audit, practice visits and group meetings

How to record CPD

You must maintain accurate records of your CPD, including:

  • CPD method
  • description of the topic and how it relates to your practice
  • dates and number of hours and participatory hours
  • relevance to Code, and
  • evidence that CPD has taken place.

NMC have provided a template to help you record your CPD activities.

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Practise Hours Log Template

You must have practised for a minimum of 450 hours (900 hours for those registered as both a nurse and a midwife) over the three year period since your registration was last renewed or you joined the register.

NMC strongly recommend that you maintain a record of practice hours you have completed, and NMC have provided a template to help you record your practice hours. Your records should include:

  • Dates of practice.
  • The number of hours you undertook.
  • Name, address and postcode of the organisations.
  • Scope of practice.
  • Work setting.
  • A description of the work you undertook, and
  • evidence of those practice hours, such as timesheets, job specifications and role profiles
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Reflective Accounts Form

You must use this form to record five written reflective accounts on your CPD and/or practice-related feedback and/or an event or experience in your practice and how this relates to the Code. Please fill in a page for each of your reflective accounts, making sure you do not include any information that might identify a specific patient, service user or colleague. There is guidance on how to ensure confidentiality and anonymity with the Guide.

These reflective accounts should refer to an instance of your CPD, and/or a piece of practice-related feedback you have received, and/or an event or experience in your own professional practice, and how this relates to the Code.

Download template.

Reflective Discussion Form

NMC require you to have had a reflective discussion with another NMC registered nurse or midwife, covering your five written reflective accounts

NMC expect the discussion to be a face-to-face conversation. It is for you to decide the most appropriate person for you to have this conversation with.

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