Wind down after your shift

Wind down after your shift Decorative Swirl

After a long shift, it’s important to take time to wind down and relax. We know how hard our Registered General Nurses, Registered Mental Health Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Operating Department Practitioners, Theatre Scrub Nurses, Theatre Recovery Nurses, Community Nurses, Intensive Care Nurses, Paediatric Nurses, A&E Nurses, Neonatal Nurses and other healthcare professionals work, taking time to yourself is vital. Here are some suggestions to help you unwind:

  • Take deep breaths: Sit or lie down comfortably and take slow, deep breaths. Focus on your breath and allow your body to relax with each exhale. This simple technique can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.


  • Engage in light physical activity: Going for a walk, doing some gentle stretching, or engaging in other light exercises can help your body relax and release tension. It can also improve circulation and boost your mood.


  • Practice mindfulness or meditation: Find a quiet space and spend a few minutes practicing mindfulness or meditation. Close your eyes, focus on the present moment, and let go of any thoughts or worries. There are many apps and guided meditation videos available that can assist you in this process.


  • Take a warm bath or shower: A warm bath or shower can be soothing and help your muscles relax. Add some Epsom salts or your favourite essential oils to enhance the experience and promote relaxation.


  • Listen to calming music or sounds: Create a playlist of relaxing music or nature sounds that you find calming. Close your eyes, listen attentively, and let the soothing sounds help you unwind.


  • Engage in a hobby or leisure activity: Spend some time engaging in an activity you enjoy, such as reading a book, painting, playing a musical instrument, or watching a movie or TV show. Engaging in activities that bring you joy can help shift your focus away from work and promote relaxation.


  • Practice self-care: Take care of yourself by engaging in self-care activities. This could include taking a nap, indulging in a favourite treat, practicing skincare routines, or anything that makes you feel pampered and rejuvenated.


  • Connect with loved ones: Spend time with family members, friends, or pets who bring you joy and relaxation. Engage in light conversations, share a meal, or simply enjoy each other’s company. Social connections can help you unwind and feel supported.


  • Disconnect from work: Avoid checking work-related emails or engaging in work-related discussions during your wind-down time. Give yourself permission to mentally detach from work and focus on your personal well-being.


  • Get a good night’s sleep: Ensure you prioritize sleep and establish a bedtime routine. Create a calm and comfortable sleep environment, avoid electronic devices before bed, and engage in relaxation techniques to promote quality sleep.

Remember, everyone has different preferences when it comes to winding down. Experiment with these suggestions and find what works best for you. If you are looking for nursing roles, contact us today Contact – Firstpoint Healthcare.